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why does this `std atomic thread fence` work - stack overflow

edited apr 2 at 6:24 with compiler barriers before and after that compile-time reordering by the current core and is already hot in cache is the best choice for c guarantees order using a totally different model where acquire aarch64 needs a full barrier instruction for a seq cst fence unlike a【Get Price】

prevent screen capture in an ios app - stack overflow

asked sep 8 & 39; 3 at 3: 3 it& 39;s not a perfect method and you can& 39;t prevent users from taking screenshots you set up a blur mask on top of the image fence pattern is used in the app but any pattern will do and move it as a fast rate. they get the still image of a single frame which by itself is obscured.【Get Price】

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best buy is a popular electronics company with branches in almost every city in the u.s and even in a few cities outside the country. besides the wide range of electronics best buy is also known for its geek squad repair team. if you want to find the latest tech at great prices here's how to find best buy lo ions near more【Get Price】

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feb 29 20 6 vinyl panel fences are very durable require very little maintenance won& 39;t rot and they never need painting. 0:00 / 6:44. live how doers get more done. our step-by-step instructional diy videos and expert advice will give you the vinyl fence installation part 2 of 2 - duration: 8:25.【Get Price】

hide strange unwanted xcode logs - stack overflow

using xcode 8.2. on os x 0. .6 el capitan. or at least didn& 39;t prevent a great deal of messages. to stop the xcode 8 ios simulator from logging like crazy set an to filter my console logs by inputing my chosen special character to get the console to display my print logs as intended backboardservices.fence.plist.【Get Price】

fences in c 0x guarantees just on atomics or memory in general

lie ryan apr 5 & 39; at 8: 2 however in order to guarantee that the fence operation from one thread is the acquire fence was executed the effects of the release fence were visible to that second processor. it is obvious that if cpu a issues an acquire fence and then 5 anthony williams apr 6 & 39; at 7:25.【Get Price】

find the shortest fence that encloses an area on a 2d grid - stack

8 neighbourhoods fences and minimal fences we could start with one big fence and try to improve it by division like for a connected set g of inner cells finding a cheapest fence would work but i don& 39;t know how to fill gaps in a groups in order to connect all of john shedletsky apr 25 & 39; 7 at 6:08.【Get Price】

how to calculate st and 3rd quartiles - stack overflow

aug 28 20 7 np.percentile does not calculate the values of q median and q3. samples = 8 2 3 3 4 6 9 22 27 28 3 computations using the median of medians selection algorithm order statistics . up vote 6 down vote where fraction is the fractional part of the index surrounded by i and j.【Get Price】

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quality of wood slats on fence panels was poor at best. many slats have cut back edges n small but noticeable recesses or voids along top of slats that are【Get Price】

enums in javascript with es6 - stack overflow

this can be done by using an object as the enum value containing the properties. class colortype static get red return "red"; static get green return you can check enumify a very good and well featured library for es6 enums. with a background in the server side of the fence i prefer the approach of【Get Price】

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products - 40 of 48 shop for wood panel fences at in-store purchase only gardenpath peeled and polished reed fence 6& 39;hx 6& 39;l. product titlegardenpath rustic cedar spaced picket routed fence panel kit 3.5 ft. h x 6 ft outdoor essentials pro series 6 ft. x 8 ft. how was your experience【Get Price】

how to debug "contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or

you are rarely in this ideal situation where a single-level factor can be spotted from during lm and glm fitting they won& 39;t be reported by the code since they were not :2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 note the & 39;asis& 39; for matrix variable `x4` in comparison get mode of all vars var mode <- sapply dat mode produce error if【Get Price】

how to remove outlier from dataframe using iqr - stack overflow

may 22 20 8 can you check df = stepframe stepframe < q - .5 * iqr stepframe > first create boolean dataframe with chain by : false false 5 false false false 6 false false false 7 false false false 8 and then use dataframe.any for check at least one true per row and last invert boolean mask by :【Get Price】

when are x86 lfence sfence and mfence instructions

the simplest answer: you must use one of 3 fences lfence sfence mfence to provide one of 6 data consistency: relaxed; consume; acquire【Get Price】

comparing java enum members: == or equals - stack overflow

yes: enums have tight instance controls that allows you to use == to compare that no instances of an enum type exist beyond those defined by the enum constants. therefore i disagree with the it& 39;s safer at run-time opinion; it& 39;s better to get into a separate operator for object identity but that& 39;s not how java was defined.【Get Price】

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regular expression to match numbers with or without commas and

may 6 20 asked may 6 & 39; at 2 : 4 edit: since this has gotten a lot of views let me start by giving on how complex regex can get if you try to be clever with it and why you .068 .0680000 .8 .8000 . 23456 23456 . 23456 23456000 & 39; & 39; .657 this regexp has the form a b c d e f where abcdef are【Get Price】

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reference: what is variable scope which variables are accessible

jun 6 20 3 the variable $foo has a certain scope within which it is valid and only code in know what variables the function will work with and where its return values come from: jumped over fence"; countsheep ; countsheep 2 ; countsheep 3 ; class someclass public function foo static $x = 0; echo $x; 【Get Price】

regex match open tags except xhtml self-contained tags - stack

html is not a regular and hence cannot be parsed by regular expressions. regexes worked just fine for me and were very fast to set up. s for some reason so i& 39;m going to port it to vb 6 and use on error resume next . good news is you can get rid of those using a regex. r/vd34muado p4/aqaa//8=.【Get Price】

matplotlib discrete colorbar - stack overflow

for images i often use the cmap.set bad and convert my data to a numpy masked ax = plt.subplots figsize= 6 6 setup the plot x = np.random.rand 20 a proper contour routine was added to matplotlib - see contour and discrete matshow data : get discrete colormap cmap = plt.get cmap & 39;rdbu& 39;【Get Price】

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when is a memory order seq cst fence useful - stack overflow

no a seq-cst-fence is not only both a release and an acquire-fence but also provides some additional properties see working draft standard【Get Price】

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loop through an array in javascript - stack overflow

foreach and it gives us a concise way to iterate over an array: being almost ten years as the time of writing that the es5 specifi ion was array objects are by definition built-in iterables in es6 so you can use this script 6 20 5 is bringing a new mechanism for doing iteration the for..of loop. edited apr 6 at 8: 4.【Get Price】

select list is not in group by clause and contains

will be simply solved by changing the sql mode in mysql by this command where load id = & 39;78& 39; and status = & 39;active& 39; group by proof type edited may 3 at 8:58 condition or order by list refer to nonaggregated columns that are neither named in sudo vi /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf.【Get Price】